Options On Fun Pirate Parties Invitations

This party season keeps on witnessing the Pirate Theme as top of the popularity charts. Many factors have contributed to this trend. The launch of one more blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean movie, pirate centered TV shows, and a huge swath of books related to Pirates for all ages are the primary ones. It's anything but difficult to see that this theme has truly caught the imagination.

So in case you are throwing a pirate themed party, it's a great opportunity to pull in the gangplank, raise the Jolly Roger and gear up for the sails as we review a few fun ideas for your invitations.......

Here are fun ideas for your Birthday pirate parties invitations:

Pirate Invitation

Get your pirate party under way by inviting your guests to the adventure, they will remember for the whole life with an intriguing Pirate invitation in bottle for your birthday party. Your guests will enjoy the fun treats they'll find, when they pop the bottom off their bottle. Each invitation will feature fun embellishments for them to wear to the party. For example, a pirate eye patch and a skull and crossbones ring. Simply fill out the party information on the rolled up paper invite, stuff it into the bottle with the embellishments, and sprinkle it all with a tinge of sand before you seal it up with the address labels.

Treasure Hunt

Sketch an oversimplified and stylised map of the region encompassing the venue for the party, as though it's a desert island. Make use of pirate symbols palms, pirate caverns, skeletons. Furthermore, place a pirate’s chest and a cross at the site on the map, where the party is to take place. You can incorporate most of the party details on the map in pirate language....lots of AAARRHs and avast and ahoy matey!

Once more, some care should be taken to assure that the map has lots of genuine information. Moreover, the solution for the map could be incorporated on the back.


These pirate parties invitations look great on tattered brown paper with burnt edges and by and large old. An option is to employ white paper and give it the look of aging, by recoloring it in a weak solution of tea. And after that leaving a couple of coffee granules to build on darker spots. These will stretch out with the suddenness in the paper. When dry crumble and tear as per the requirement.


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