Forget the old boxed cards; send an Invitation in a Bottle!

Finally! That big occasion is a for sure thing! Suddenly that proposal you had been hoping for finally came from Mr. Right, or your best friends big surprise party is fast approaching and you are in charge of the plans. Whatever the situation or occasion you can decide to be creative and original when you send out invitations; you can send an Invitation in a Bottle!

“Invitations in a Bottle” are a wonderfully popular and original way to get your message across. Rather than spend an arm and a leg on basic, run-of-the-mill high end paper invitations you can impress and astound your guests by surprising them with an Invitation in a Bottle! Customizable and completely mail-able these unique message vessels will put a whole new spin on things from the very start!

There is more in that bottle than meets the eye…

Invitations in a Bottle are great for any and every occasion. Birthdays, weddings, or any time you need to get a message across is a perfect chance to knock someone’s socks off with this creative way to communicate.

You can choose from a wide variety of “ready-made” messages or customize the message you want to send yourself. Invitations and announcements can be easily made from available templates or customized, making every occasion special.
Forget the old boxed cards

Bottles designed to fit the time…

It doesn't matter if you are planning a party for your best friend or a group of children; perhaps you simply want to say, “I’m sorry…” Maybe you simply want to make someone smile or tell that special person “I love you” in a brand new way. Whatever the need or desire you can have the perfect message or invitation in a bottle created to meet the needs, color schemes, or themes of any party or circumstance. When you send a beautiful, one-of-a-kind message in a bottle you are stepping way outside of the box and bringing smiles to the faces of everyone who receives one.
Forget going through binder after binder looking for the perfect invitations for your party or event. Throw writing out notes by hand right out the window. When you send your message or invitation in a bottle you are going to leave a lasting and unforgettable impression. You are showing you playful and creative side in getting your point across, no matter what that point may be. Do things differently this year; rather than break the bank and get carpal tunnel doing the traditional card thing send your invitations or messages in a bottle! They will not only get the word out but they will do it beautifully, so don’t keep things bottled up! Have fun by sending a message in a bottle today!


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