Tropical Travel Incentive For Wholesalers And Distributors With Message In A Bottle; Here is How You Can Motivate Distributor Loyalty!


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The marketing managers and sales managers are constantly scratching their heads in order to come up with B2B growth strategies to make the most number of sales. However, the faith in the B2B marketing strategies lies greatly in the unique distributor promotion campaign, wholesalers, and the distributors.
While you might think that your business product is a unique concept in the market, there are many other competitors telling the same thing to the distributors to motivate distributor loyalty. And that’s exactly where you need to step up your game with something out of the box- a tropical travel incentive with the message in a bottle.
Increasing the commission rate and providing other benefits is now an old-school concept. Clearly, many wholesalers and distributors don’t even care about what you have to offer as they are loaded enough by the other businesses in the same industry.

How to Motivate Your Distributors? Tropical Travel Incentive is An Amazing Option!

How about you change your rewarding strategy once for good? Tropical travel incentive is a unique idea to show the distributors and wholesalers that how much you value their efforts in helping your product line grow in terms of sales. 

Top 3 Reasons for Tropical Travel Incentives for the Wholesalers and Distributors!

1. This type of B2B channel strategy incentive is a great motivation booster in comparison to the commission or sales-based earnings.
2. The distributors will be keener to promote your products because of the great rewarding.
3. The wholesalers will be loyal to your business, and the business will hold great repute among the sellers.

Message in a Bottle B2B Marketing: A Unique Distributor Promotion Campaign!

Now that you have decided to go out of the way to treat the wholesalers and the distributors, are you planning to just send them an email or tell this big surprising news in person?
Don’t you think such an incentive needs a little different treating, considering the idea is unique in itself? If you can’t come up with something, then don't worry because we have just the right product for you- an invitation in a bottle.

Yes, you read that right. 
The technological advancements and the modern way of communication made us distant from the authentic form of connecting with others.
And that’s where the Business message in a bottle concept retrieves all the old-school charm back.
Our corporate branded message in a bottle is a product you are looking to make an announcement of the tropical travel incentive to the wholesalers and the distributors. 
The best part is, you can completely customize the message in the bottle and can match it with your own logo and best B2B marketing campaigns.
And not just that, give a personalized touch to the bottle as well by choosing the color of the papers and the ribbons so that it sits well with your promotional theme.
Let's help you get through how you will take this whole thing to the next level. First things first, choose the most deserving wholesalers and the distributors. Then plan a tropical travel incentive for them. Choose the corporate branded message in a bottle from us while availing of all the customization that we offer. And present the bottle! Voila, that’s about it.
And did we mention that bottle is always a sign of celebration? Then how about doubling the celebration for the wholesalers or the distributors with the message in a bottle.

All the marketing and sales managers, take notes on how you can update your game to rewards the distributors and wholesalers by choosing us!

Unique Way of Motivating Your Employees: Message in A Bottle!

Recognition Awards For Employees, Employee Award Ideas, Recognition Award Ideas

Humorous Awards For Employees, Service Award Ideas, Best Awards For Employees

Employee Recognition Award Ideas, Employee Of The Month Nomination Ideas

The message in a bottle concept has been used and witnessed by the world for over the years. But were you aware that you can use it in many unique ways?

Keeping Employees Contented with the Help of Incentives

Employees are the greatest asset of the business, especially when the companies are labor incentives. But why do you care about your employees in the first place?
A good team yields good results, something we all agree on, right? Now when there are so many competitors in the marketing searching for the same skill you are, how do you ensure that you get the best talent available in the potential employees? Once hired, how do you make sure to stick them to you for long? Moreover, how do you keep your workers contented enough to employ all their best abilities to make your business successful?
A reward is an answer. Basic salary is for the services they provide, but these incentives help them feel special and valued by the company, something that eventually makes them happy. So what not try out new incentives to keep your employees engaged with your business?

Customized Color Printed
Employee Incentive Letter
Scroll in the Bottle
Logo Color Matched Message in a Bottle
Dollar Confetti in the Bottle 
Shredded Real Dollar Bills

Message in a Bottle for Business

Days are gone when you stick to standard ways of incentive; now, you have attractive and appealing forms of announcing incentives and rewarding your employees. For instance, with a message in a bottle. Sounds interesting? It is.
It is an eccentric way of delivering and breaking the news to the employees. The bottle can include a personalized note, a bonus, rewards, or simply a promotion letter. The execution would be as impressive as it sounds. Try for yourself, and you would see it left an impact on your employees. They would feel appreciated not only for the rewards for the unique execution of the idea.
Astound by the idea, but don't know how you can make it work? That's where we at the invitation in a bottle can help you.
Done appraising your employees, and now is the time to reward them? All you have to do is choose the most deserving employees of the month. Someone you think deserves the most appreciation because of the efforts beyond the requirement. And gives us the details, the rest of the things will be managed by us. At the invitation in a bottle, we understand the importance of giving back to the employees and how much of an important tool it is. Hence, we create personalized color prints, draft the employees' appreciation letters, and carefully scroll in the bottle. That's it; there, your employees get that reward bottle in their mail.
The bottle of happiness and joy by all means. And we guarantee that the bottle won't disappoint your employee but instead would double their excitement.
The bottle comes with the letter of appreciation but includes confetti too. Doesn't that would boost your employee's excitement level to 1000?

So what are you waiting for? Reward your employees in a unique way, order customized messages in a bottle by visiting our website, and make your employees happy.

Recognition Awards For Employees, Employee Award Ideas, Recognition Award Ideas

Humorous Awards For Employees, Service Award Ideas, Best Awards For Employees

Employee Recognition Award Ideas, Employee Of The Month Nomination Ideas

Key Points To Creating Elegant Wedding Invitations

When your big wedding day is just about entering the planning phase, you of course have a huge amount of work to do. Right? Several things can simply go off-track in the mix up, including your attention to detail and demands for quality. Besides the gorgeous wedding dress that you have envisaged for your wedding, a key feature about which you have to very specific is obviously is the custom made wedding invitations that look both sophisticated and non-traditional.

The following are some key things that you will have to be very sure about, so that you finally create and send unique wedding invitations to the guests, for your special day:

Generate Excitement With Unique Custom Invitations

Make a sensation among the invitees by sending your invitations in a style which is different from the traditional way. Like, in case you're planning to host the wedding on a beach, choose to send the invitation placed elegantly in a colored, beach themed bottle. That will make up an impressive invitation that the recipient will treat like a souvenir piece. The good thing about these message in a bottle invitations is that, these are very economical. So, if you want to send elegant wedding invitations on a limited budget, the bottle invitations will be just the ones that you need. On top of that these invitations will generate massive excitement among the guests about your wedding event.

Fancy Wedding Invitation Cards Are In Fashion
Today the simple card with the message printed on one side have lost popularity. The modern invitations come in creative formats and multiple folds. The accordion fold layouts are in vogue these days because they look both elegant and different from the traditional. Really stylish wedding invitations they use the origami style which is very popular and in trend today. Besides, the card envelope have origami like folds with a handmade ribbon bow to give it a touch of sophistication.

Using The Correct Wordings

Appropriate wording for the invitations is another key point to note. When you are creating unique styled invitations the wording you choose should be done with complete attention to the details. The words that you use have to reflect the true nature of the event. If the invitation is being sent to a couple, the message should have the complete names of both. If kids are also included their names should go into the invitation message as well.

In the event that you are facing difficulty with choice of wording, you can simply explore the internet for ideas. There are some very genuine wedding stationery and invitations websites that offer samples and layouts for making perfect, custom designed elegant wedding invitations cards. You can check out the various designs and the themes displayed on these dedicated websites and decide thereon. The samples will no doubt give you ideas about how you can create great invitations, but remember one thing that you also have to use your creativity.


No matter what style of invitation you go for, remember to choose the paper of the highest quality. Secondly, ensure that the print quality is of the highest level since the wedding invitations are a reflection of your taste

High-grade Ideas for Mardi Grass Party

Mardi Gras is without question the greatest and most colorful party in the world and gives you and your guests a great chance, to awe everybody around you. The most vital components to any Mardi Gras are invitations, favours, decorations and, obviously, Mardi Gras beads and masks.

Planning an Awesome Party

To begin with, sit with your family and/or the event planning team (if it is a corporate party) to plan out the party. Get a general view of Mardi grass party favours, decor, costumes, food, entertainment etc. After you have determined all of these components decide about invitations. Remember, your invitations should match with your party theme. The extra effort can leave your guests excited and will in an instant pass along the atmosphere of the party.

Decor and Party Invitations Ideas

Choosing custom Mardi Gras party invitations is an important undertaking you should be concerned about. Once you have decided the theme, then your Mardi Gras invitation cards must complement your theme, which is easy if you shop online. Also, these websites have a large array of invitations wording ideas for Mardi Gras parties that will make sure, your invitations are novel and not at all like any others that may be sent out.

The most fun and important part of a Mardi Gras party is Mardi Gras invitations. Invitations to a Mardi Gras party should be as fun and bubbly as the week-long event itself. Like, if a business is setting up a Mardi Gras party and inviting top clients then make a point to budget an adequate sum of money on the party invitations. Furthermore, Mardi Gras invitations for a home party need not be as big-budget or costly. The trick is to make the invitations bright, vivacious and colorful while injecting the thrill in the guests. So, a buzz will be created about the event!

When doing the decorations, take into account your theme and the traditional colors, like gold, purple, and green. Balloons, crepe paper, large colorful banners and other sundry items are easily found at special online party stores. By inculcating colorful paper products and tablecloths you are surely going to create an exciting and festive air.

Mardi Grass Bottle Invitations

The Mardi Gras party invitations have to be representative of the traditional colors of Mardi Gras - purple, green and gold. For a business gathering, these invitations need to be professionally printed. To add a touch of fervour to the invitations choose the Mardi Grass invitation in a bottle. A beautiful Mardi Grass mask themed invitation, finished with printed wording gets placed in the bottle. The bottle’s embellishments will include crinkle shred in purple, green and gold and some festive black mask confetti. Furthermore, you can pair up with a Mardi Gras mask, Mardi Gras beads, or a feathered boa, to truly make a thoughtful, unique mardi gras party favours.


Thus, organizing your yearly Mardi Gras party doesn't need to be complicated, tedious, or tiring, if you begin early and allow websites to help. Your dashing, hip party invitations will set the mood and encourage the invitees to attend your celebration.

Choosing Unique Children’s Birthday Invitations

Would you like to have a birthday party for your kid? Then you shouldn't hold up till the last moment at any cost. Begin the preparations no less than a couple of weeks before the party day. Believe me when I say this - organizing a child's birthday party is no piece of cake. You have to put in a great deal of planning and you will require some help for that. Every parent needs to make their child's birthday a memorable one and every memorable occasion, would need a credible idea behind it, to begin with. Here are a couple of simple, yet creative ideas that one need to consider when arranging a birthday party.

Youngsters have dynamic creative impulses, plenteous energy, and a love for games. Combination of these ingredients make an exciting and memorable kid's birthday party. Make a unique impression by sending unique children’s birthday invitations that are as fun and fiery as your child.

Selecting the Best Children Birthday Invitations for the Birthday 

Despite the fact that your guests will be youngsters, it is as yet critical to send kids birthday invitations that represent the sort of party you're hosting. Young kids specially like to be active, and if the invitation depicts a theme created for a kid's birthday, you are probably going to have a full house on party day.

When planning a kid's birthday party, pick a theme that gets your child excited. Does he/she cherish trains, dolls, etc.? Does he/she continually circles the house dressed like a barbie wonder woman, a supergirl or superboy? Pick one of your child’s most loved activities as a clue for his/her birthday party theme and send matching birthday invitations. With such a significant number of unique children’s birthday invitations for a kid's birthday, odds are that their friends will enjoy his/her interests as well.

Invitation in a Bottle

Nowadays message in bottles are turning into an awesome choice among people for sending, unique kind of invitations. When you are inviting your child’s friends over his/her birthday party, then sending invitations using especially personalized and decorated bottles will be a perfect choice, which will add additional value and effect to your invitations. Nobody will want to miss your party just due to the intensity and emphasis of your invitations because of the novel method of sending them.

Arranging your kid’s birthday can be a daunting task and it's furthermore an intense undertaking to invite children. You spend a considerable amount of time with your child and spouse, about various available choices of sending invitations, they can have diverse opinions. However, with regards to invitations in bottles, there will be just one opinion.... Yes, that is the best way. Let us move ahead with this invitation idea.


You should simply, simply order it on-line, choose the message that is the most pleasing to you and...all right...notice its extraordinary effect on your guests. Notice the happiness on their face, watch how moved they are with this message in a bottle.

Children’s Birthday Invitations Should Be Unique and Appealing

A birthday party is a special event in any child's life and it gets festive by the loving presence of relatives and friends. Parents want their youngster's birthday event to be very special with one of a kind touches that catch the kid's interests and emotions.

The fact of the matter is that children of any age love birthday parties. Organizing kids' birthday parties can involve a lot of favor. Planning for a child's special day starts with the selection of birthday invitations, which assume a crucial part in a memorable birthday celebrations.

Simple but Tasteful:

Youngsters' birthday invitations can be simple yet exquisite ones, which clearly let guests know about the event that you are planning. Unique children’s birthday invitations  not only informs about the time, place, and date of the occasion. But, additionally about the theme of the party, like the Pirate theme. They need to be delivered to your guests no less than a couple of weeks in advance.

Message In A Bottle:

 Many party supply websites and online stores offer you the option to buy small size glass or plastic clear bottles with cork stoppers. From the online stores you can also get white sand, sea shells, string wraps and optional extras, etc.

Once you have all the materials it is easy to create your own fun sized invitations, customized according to your child’s party theme. Place them inside the bottles and deliver the invitations to all invitees by hand. Your guests will appreciate the effort when they receive the personalized invitations from you.

Sentimental Birthday Gift: 

On special occasions like your child's birthday celebration event, words alone aren't sufficient to express your personal feelings. Astonish the person who is close to you and your kids with a nostalgic message in a bottle gift. Ideal for birthday events,  a message in a bottle is a souvenir that will be prized forever. Shop for exceptional gift ideas including bottles that contain pre-written messages, or ones that require personalization. Thus, allowing you the novel chance to show your sentiments.


Customized unique children's birthday invitations and gifts fill in as lasting keepsakes for your friends and relatives. Unique and appealing invitations show your devotion and persuade the guests to participate in the event.

Options On Fun Pirate Parties Invitations

This party season keeps on witnessing the Pirate Theme as top of the popularity charts. Many factors have contributed to this trend. The launch of one more blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean movie, pirate centered TV shows, and a huge swath of books related to Pirates for all ages are the primary ones. It's anything but difficult to see that this theme has truly caught the imagination.

So in case you are throwing a pirate themed party, it's a great opportunity to pull in the gangplank, raise the Jolly Roger and gear up for the sails as we review a few fun ideas for your invitations.......

Here are fun ideas for your Birthday pirate parties invitations:

Pirate Invitation

Get your pirate party under way by inviting your guests to the adventure, they will remember for the whole life with an intriguing Pirate invitation in bottle for your birthday party. Your guests will enjoy the fun treats they'll find, when they pop the bottom off their bottle. Each invitation will feature fun embellishments for them to wear to the party. For example, a pirate eye patch and a skull and crossbones ring. Simply fill out the party information on the rolled up paper invite, stuff it into the bottle with the embellishments, and sprinkle it all with a tinge of sand before you seal it up with the address labels.

Treasure Hunt

Sketch an oversimplified and stylised map of the region encompassing the venue for the party, as though it's a desert island. Make use of pirate symbols palms, pirate caverns, skeletons. Furthermore, place a pirate’s chest and a cross at the site on the map, where the party is to take place. You can incorporate most of the party details on the map in pirate language....lots of AAARRHs and avast and ahoy matey!

Once more, some care should be taken to assure that the map has lots of genuine information. Moreover, the solution for the map could be incorporated on the back.


These pirate parties invitations look great on tattered brown paper with burnt edges and by and large old. An option is to employ white paper and give it the look of aging, by recoloring it in a weak solution of tea. And after that leaving a couple of coffee granules to build on darker spots. These will stretch out with the suddenness in the paper. When dry crumble and tear as per the requirement.