Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever, A Few Tips and Choices for You.

Even though we love our mother more than anything we don’t always show it. If you think it’s just you alone that feels like it you are wrong. Trust me, everyone is the same. It’s the universal truth that we don’t show enough love to our mother. That’s why Mother’s Day was invented. For our sake and also for them. It’s the one day we can show our mother how much we love them.

On this Mother’s Day, throw out all the shyness and shout out how much you love your mom. But of course that is not going to be enough. So, how about gifts? Who doesn’t like gifts? And if a mother gets a gift from her child, even a tiny one, that means the world to them. They understand without even saying, how much their child loves them.

So, why are you waiting? Go out to hunt for the perfect gift for her. A gift that will mean the world to her. A gift that will scream your love for her. Not literally though! Here are a few tips.

Firstly, your gift should be sentimental. That is a very vital point. Find a gift that would mean something to her. Choose a theme she likes best and find a gift according to that. This technique will not fail you.

Secondly, it must be unexpected. A surprise gift is better than anything. It’s pretty tough to hide a gift in the house as mom knows every nook and cranny. To solve this problem you can shop online and tell them to deliver it on a fixed date.

Thirdly, it should involve a meaning. A meaningless gift will be as it has already stated, meaningless.

Fourthly, a heartfelt note should be included with your gift. It may be a letter or just a few lines. But they will surely serve your purpose in proving your love for your mom.

And lastly, give her the most unique gift that she will brag about to the whole town. Including friends and family. After all, which mom does not like to brag about their child. It’s another way to make your mother proud.

Finding a gift, fulfilling all these categories is going to be a tough job. And this is where we came in. We’ve got some awesomely unique idea for your Mother’s Day gift that consists all those above points. A message in a bottle. Yup, you heard right. It fulfills all the above requisites.

To prove the first point this bottle comes with a lot of themes. You can choose your mother’s favorite theme from many.

Mother's Day Message In A Bottle Gift

As for the second point, you can order the bottle online and fix a delivery date where it can be delivered to her via mail.

Thirdly, giving her a bottle with her favorite theme means you care for her enough to go all the way to find her the perfect gift.

For number four, we can include your note inside the bottle. A roll of paper tied with a ribbon with your message will be inside the bottle.

Last but none the least, what can be more unique than a glass bottle, with her favorite theme and your emotional message?

Just visit Invitation in a Bottle And you will get the best Mother’s Day gift ever.

5 Unique New Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

Prom is near and there is too much to fear! How to ask your crush on a date? That’s the big question. As we all know prom is the best opportunity to ask a girl out. Time to man up and ask your dream girl out on a date.

There are many ways to ask a girl to prom. But they are either too common or not that cool. Awesome ideas, to ask for a prom date are rare and quite hard to find. But we’ve got the solution just a click away.

Promposal in a way shows a girl how much you like her. This is the perfect time to prove that you really like her by this unique way of proposing. Ask her out through a glass bottle. Confused? Well you heard right. You can ask her out in the good ole’ pirate trick. Visit InvitationInABottle 

Trust me, it does not mean you have to shove a note in a bottle and throw it in the sea wait for her to find. That’s not the case. You can send her a note in a beautifully decorated glass bottle via mail with our help. And there are many to choose from. Here are five most romantic bottles you can choose from.

Eternity Message in A Bottle: You obviously know her better than anyone else. So you would know her choice. Her likes and dislikes. If she is a fan of fairy tales. If she loves happily ever after. This is the perfect bottle for you. This bottle makes you her prince charming. She won’t be able to say no to you.

Heart of Roses Romantic Message In A Bottle Letter
Hearts of Roses Romantic Message in A Bottle: No other bottle will speak to the heart like this one. This bottle may also be the cutest bottle of them all. You should write an equally cute message to go with it. With the rose petals and sparkling love tag, you will surely hit the jackpot.
Creative Love Personalized Bottle: This bottle is a tad bit different. It’s creative in a way and romantic in another. This bottle has got sand and shells. A starfish around the neck. With your message rolled inside this bottle will get as dreamy as they get. One cannot help but love it.  
Valentine’s Day Message in A Bottle: Just because the name says valentine does not necessarily mean you cannot use it for other occasions. It even comes with two different styles! Check out and order now. Make your prom memorable.
Creative Love Personalized Bottle Gift

Sweetest Day Message in A Bottle: As we can see with this bottle, looks can be deceiving. This is just a simple glass bottle. But add a few magic tricks of our own and voila! You get the perfect bottle. Tell us what you want to add in the bottle as a way of showing love and we will do it. Prom night cannot be enjoyed fully if you don’t have your desired date with you. So order now. 

After all these things said and done, time for you to choose. If you think these are not the perfect bottle for you, feel free to visit us. Where we can show you an array of different types of bottles with many themes. You won’t be disappointed. And most importantly your date will be baffled to see you went all the way to ask her out. How can she say no to you if you ask her out with one of our bottles? What do you think? Can she resist you after that? Don’t fret over it. Order now and go to prom with your dream girl. Enjoy!

Every Kid’s Dream Come True With A Pirate Theme Birthday Party!

Pirate Themed Party
Sailing in the ocean in a pirate ship is almost every kid’s dream and why not make it true on their birthday with a Pirate Themed Party.

No matter a boy or a girl, pirates fascinate both. So what’s better than to throw a pirate theme birthday party for them?

Forget princess style and bring on the ruffled shirt and high boots. To make the look complete a pirate hat and some trousers will be all that’s needed.

You can use this amazing glass bottle to make your kids happier. Which kid hasn’t heard of glass bottles floating to the shore with messages in them? So, if they can send an invitation for his birthday to his friends in a glass bottle filled with sword, sand, shells and message tied with ribbon, it will surely make their day.

To make the party more fun for your kids, you can arrange lots of games involving piracy. Such as, treasure hunting. Hide some chocolate and make a map, which will give your kid a blast. Think out of the box and decorate your house like a pirate ship with treasure chest, rusty weapons and barrels. A few pirate songs here and there and to the sea we go!

Give the title of the captain to one and make the rest crew. Set sail into the ocean and make the best journey of your life. Pirate theme does not necessarily means a party for the kids only, anyone can have a birthday party or maybe a graduation party with this pirate theme.

Inviting via e-mail or letters has gone boring and extremely common. People often don’t even check their mails for days or throws them away thinking it’s junk mail. But think what will happen when they opens their mailbox and finds a bottle? They will get a near heart attack to say it lightly.

Party Bottle

So, now is your chance to knock the socks of your friends and give them a start. Invite them to your Party In A Bottle. When you want to throw a pirate theme party, you just can’t make it drab, it has to be a knock off. You only throw a big party once. So, make an order right now to invite friends in the Pirate Bottle. By doing so you will be rocking their world for a long time that’s for sure, as no one ever gets invitation in a bottle do they? You will be the main topic of every gossip among your friends for probably years.

You can even tell your friends what pirate they can be in the invitation. Your party will be the convocation of all the great pirates. Either it be Captain Hook or Bloody Baron, Blackbeard, Billy Bones Long Ben or even Captain Kidd. YO HO HO AND A BOTTLE OF RAM can be your theme song for the party. Your motto may be something like this. “I dropped a note in a bottle to a long legged model”.

Keep foods that relate to pirates in your party, lots of pirate songs and finish of your party with pirate flags with your name underneath as a souvenir and your party will be a blast!

Holiday Season: Holiday gift ideas - Christmas ornament diy - Corporate holiday décor

Are you looking for fun and innovative holiday gift ideas for friends and family this holiday season? If so, then our Invitation In a Bottle is perfect for you!

Holiday Themed Bottles 
There are so many ways you can use our Holiday Themed Bottle. Some may use it to invite guests to their Christmas party. Others may choose to use it for unique corporate holiday décor or even as a gift container for Secret Santa. Alternatively, our bottles make the ideal container for business marketing throughout the creative months of the holiday season, allowing businesses to share discounts and coupons in a fun and attractive manner.

Families may use our eye-catching bottles as a Christmas ornament DIY project to keep the kids entertained over the holiday season. Couples might even use our bottles to share a special and heartfelt holiday message for their lover. Their compact and good-looking nature makes it easy for you to share virtually anything you like with whomever you like this Holiday Season.
Whether you are looking for holiday gift ideas, the perfect Christmas ornament DIY project, or corporate holiday décor, our Invitation in a Bottle is ideal for your needs.

Limitless, attractive, and completely customizable, our invitation in a bottle is ideal for the holiday season. Visit our Holiday Themed section here.

Three Top Graduation Party Themes

Graduation Party Invitation Bottle
Graduation is most certainly an event to be celebrated. One way to do that is to host a graduation party for your recent grad. But to do that can take quite a bit of planning. With cool graduation party ideas, though, the planning suddenly becomes easier. Here, we will tell you about a few cool graduation party ideas. These cool graduation party ideas work perfectly as themes for your graduation event. We will also let you in on the cool products that we carry that can help you pull any of these cool graduation party ideas off.

Pirate Theme

Aarrgh! A pirate theme is fun for people of all ages. One of the reasons we love a pirate theme is because it greatly encourages party goers to don costumes and personas. But how can you invite all your mates for a swashbuckling good time? With a themed bottle invitation, of course! Sand and seashells make the perfect accompaniment to a message in a bottle. These bottle invitations come already ready for delivery and corked. As other cool graduation party ideas, you may want to try getting someone in costume to deliver these invites to your guests.

Pirate Graduate Ornament 
Pirate Bottle Invitation

Beach Theme

Having a poolside graduation party is yet another one of our cool graduation party ideas. With this idea you can also order our themed bottle invitations. Instead of opting for a pirate option, however, these come with tiny umbrellas, palm trees, or even shiny confetti fishes. When having a graduation party poolside, you may want to go with a luau theme. A tiki bar theme is also another great idea. Choose from save the date bottle invitations, or even bottled thank you notes to those attending the party. These favors are sure to be ones that they do not soon forget.

Nautical Theme

The nautical theme is just a more mature version of a beach party. Our nautical themed bottles come with sailboat confetti. A few of the cool graduation party ideas to accompany this invitation might be a party at a dock, beach, or beach bungalow. It is also perfect if you are planning on partying the night away on a yacht or sailboat. With all of these products you can customize your message before shipment. You can also choose from your own ribbon and paper colors. When you order with is, or opt for DIY bottle invitations, you can save.

Five Most Unique Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are trying to come up with a truly unique Valentine gift you might be racking your brain to figure out what to buy or make. Fortunately, we are here to help! We’ve concocted a fun and exciting list of five unique Valentine Gift Ideas for you to use as you wish. Check out our list below and make this year the best Valentine’s Day ever!

1. A Mason Jar Full of Sweet Hearts. Take a mason jar and fill it with heart candies that have messages on them and give it to your partner. This is both adorable and extremely affordable, and also lets your loved one know how much they mean to you and it’s a really unique idea!

2. Personalized Mug. If you’re looking for fairly crafty Valentine gift ideas then consider this nifty idea. Purchase a mug from an online store like Etsy where you can personalize it with your own message. Go a step further and incorporate an inside story only you and your lover know about. 

3. Engraved jewelry. Instead of just buying a necklace or watch for your partner, why not make it personalized by having it engraved? This is a distinctive spin on the traditional jewelry present. This unique Valentine gift will be cherished for years to come. 

4. Custom Made t-Shirts. If you’re running out of Valentine gift ideas, then consider ordering customize t-shirts. There are fun, unique, and super adorable. 

5. Message in a Bottle. This is such a clever and unique Valentine gift for your significant other. You can customize it however you wish, such as according to your loved one’s favorite color and put their name or a personal message from you inside. It’s sweet, romantic, and incredibly unique.

Make this year one for the memory books with these unique gift ideas!

Forget the old boxed cards; send an Invitation in a Bottle!

Finally! That big occasion is a for sure thing! Suddenly that proposal you had been hoping for finally came from Mr. Right, or your best friends big surprise party is fast approaching and you are in charge of the plans. Whatever the situation or occasion you can decide to be creative and original when you send out invitations; you can send an Invitation in a Bottle!

“Invitations in a Bottle” are a wonderfully popular and original way to get your message across. Rather than spend an arm and a leg on basic, run-of-the-mill high end paper invitations you can impress and astound your guests by surprising them with an Invitation in a Bottle! Customizable and completely mail-able these unique message vessels will put a whole new spin on things from the very start!

There is more in that bottle than meets the eye…

Invitations in a Bottle are great for any and every occasion. Birthdays, weddings, or any time you need to get a message across is a perfect chance to knock someone’s socks off with this creative way to communicate.

You can choose from a wide variety of “ready-made” messages or customize the message you want to send yourself. Invitations and announcements can be easily made from available templates or customized, making every occasion special.
Forget the old boxed cards

Bottles designed to fit the time…

It doesn't matter if you are planning a party for your best friend or a group of children; perhaps you simply want to say, “I’m sorry…” Maybe you simply want to make someone smile or tell that special person “I love you” in a brand new way. Whatever the need or desire you can have the perfect message or invitation in a bottle created to meet the needs, color schemes, or themes of any party or circumstance. When you send a beautiful, one-of-a-kind message in a bottle you are stepping way outside of the box and bringing smiles to the faces of everyone who receives one.
Forget going through binder after binder looking for the perfect invitations for your party or event. Throw writing out notes by hand right out the window. When you send your message or invitation in a bottle you are going to leave a lasting and unforgettable impression. You are showing you playful and creative side in getting your point across, no matter what that point may be. Do things differently this year; rather than break the bank and get carpal tunnel doing the traditional card thing send your invitations or messages in a bottle! They will not only get the word out but they will do it beautifully, so don’t keep things bottled up! Have fun by sending a message in a bottle today!