5 Must See for Mardi Gras Party Planner

Music, parades, beads, masks, laughter and fun.  It's time to get ready for Mardi Gras!

Throwing the perfect themed party doesn't have to be difficult or stressful.  Mardi Gras is all about having fun after all!  So we've put together 5 great tips for throwing the BEST party this Mardi Gras.

1. Location, location, location!  Mardi Gras is fun, exciting and just a little crazy.  Give some thought to where you will be getting your "party" on.  You'll need a venue where you can get a little loud- you don't want to worry about turning the music up if needed, right?

2. Purple, green and gold.  It's all about the vibrant colors and decorations.  Check online for great discounts to buy in bulk.  And don't forget the beads

3. Prepare a feast for royalty.  Traditional foods like gumbo, craw fish, red beans and rice- so good!  And for dessert- King Cake of course!  To make things even easier, consider hiring a caterer.

4. Party Activities will add that fun and unique touch to your event.  Face painting, throwing beads, making your own masks and more!  Consider having a costume contest for added excitement

5. Send the perfect themed invitation to get your party started.  Invite your guests with our unique Mardi Gras themed bottle invitations.  What a way to start your party! 

Obviously our suggestion for the party invitation is Mardi Gras Bottle Invitation Now try not to laugh too hard. It's truly the best invitation if you want the party to be upbeat all the way right from the start when they see your unique & cool invitation in a bottle. 

Follow these few simple steps to take the stress out of your party planning and put the fun in!  This year- make it special!  

Happy Mardi Gras Everyone!

Mardi Gras Bottle for Invitations, Announcements and  Corporate Promotions 


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