Best Idea Summer Business Promotion: Promote with a Bottle

If you went to the beach and found a corked bottle floating in the water with a piece of paper inside, that would be one of the coolest things you’ve ever discovered—the kind of thing you’d tell all your friends about, even years later.

These days, people get way too many emails and texts on a daily basis. Those are quick ways to send a message, but there’s nothing special about them.

Imagine if you sent your friend an Invitation In A Bottle. What would they say? They’d be raving about it for YEARS afterward, telling people, “This one time, I got an actual invitation in a bottle in the mail! It was so cool!”

Anyone can send an old-fashioned card in the mail to invite someone to an event like a prominent business event like executive getaway. But not everyone knows about Invitation In A Bottle. That’s a good thing. You can totally surprise someone with your “out-of-the-box” thinking, by sending them an “in-the-bottle-invitation.”

Use unique and cost effective message in a bottle for your next big business event:

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